Mr Faizar is no stranger to desserts. He loved desserts as a kid and spent 12 years chasing his love for all things delicious. His journey to creating the perfect Churros was sparked by his curiosity and interest in perfecting the Spanish Churros- crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was a journey that saw many experiments. Some Churros were too crispy, too hard, or too soggy. Alas he had a lightbulb moment and perfected his very own Spanish Churros - validated by the Spanish Chef himself! 

Business was a small stall in Bugis. His Churros gained popularity and was well loved by many. While the business boomed, there were teething hurdles that saw the unfortunate closure of his first stall. Undeterred, Mr Faizar started having live stations. Business grew as he continued to have good relationships with his clients who kept coming back for the great tasting Churros and his service


Now he has officially opened his flagship outlet at Our Tampines Hub and have introduced his creative menu. They have been selected as the preferred Churros partner for the Michelin Guide street food festival. He continues to create and innovative his menu everyday. From humble beginnings to dream maker. His vision is to elevate a street food to bring us an unforgettable experience along with a lasting impression. and as he says

" A moment of bliss would be challenging to find in this fast pace progressive world we

are in. Our sole existence is to create the perfect escape in the shortest possible time

that comforts you in unimaginable ways"

Faizar Hussein




Our Tampines Hub

1 Tampines Walk


Singapore 528523


Funan Mall

107 North Bridge Road


Singapore 179105




Tel: +65 8809 4134



12.00pm to 10.00pm


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