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Welcome to Churros Republic – the epitome of churro enchantment! Our journey began with a simple love for the art of crafting the perfect churro, and it has since evolved into a celebration of flavors, innovation, and shared moments of delight


Explore the delicious story behind our franchise, where each golden twist is a testament to our commitment to flavor, quality, and the joy of indulgence. Join us on this delectable adventure as we redefine the churro experience. Discover the heart, soul, and sweetness that make Churros Republic more than just a brand – it's a celebration of all things delightful!


Churros Republic was founded in 2015 towards the pursuit of making the perfect churros embodying creativity, boldness and passion. Our journey started off in a small shop in the streets of Bugis and has grown ever since.

Churros Republic is Singapore's only Michelin Preferred Churros. Our churros are handcrafted and made fresh daily from a traditional Spanish recipe.

We cook fresh to order and served with only the best ingredients. From our Signature Series with decadent plated churros, to the no-frill bite-sized churros for you to snack on - we have it all. Wash down our churros with our signature Butterscotch Brew (inspired by Harry Potter), or our wide range of artisanal sodas.


" A moment of bliss would be challenging to find in this fast pace progressive world we are in. Our sole existence is to create the perfect escape in the shortest possible time that comforts you in unimaginable ways"

Faizar Hussein
The Founder

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